headshot of Daniel J. Moore

Daniel J. Moore

President & Chief Executive Officer

Our Team

At Rockefeller Group, we believe in the power of real estate to improve people’s lives. Our team of passionate real estate professionals brings decades of experience in development, investment, and management to create extraordinary properties, deliver exceptional experiences, and build value.  Our culture is grounded in integrity, which underpins our brand and informs our relationships with colleagues, partners, customers, and communities.  If you have questions or ideas about how we can work together, reach out to us. We’d love to find out what we’re capable of accomplishing with you.

headshot of Thomas Weeks

Thomas Weeks

Executive Vice President & Co-Head of Development
headshot of Brandi Hanback

Brandi Hanback

Executive Vice President & Co-Head of Development
headshot of Marisa Gadlin

Marisa Gadlin

Senior Vice President & Head of Core Holdings

Development Leadership

headshot of Meg Brod

Meg Brod

Senior Managing Director, Northeast
headshot of Jay Despard

Jay Despard

Senior Managing Director, Rocky Mountains
headshot of Mark Shearer

Mark Shearer

Senior Managing Director, NJ/PA
headshot of James V. Camp

James V. Camp

Senior Managing Director, West
headshot of Hilary Allard Goldfarb

Hilary Allard Goldfarb

Senior Managing Director, Mid-Atlantic
headshot of Philip Croker

Philip Croker

Senior Managing Director, Southwest
headshot of John Petricola

John Petricola

Senior Managing Director, Southeast

Corporate Leadership

Core Holdings

FTZ Services

Mid-Atlantic Development

NJ/PA Development

Northeast Development

Rocky Mountain Development

Southeast Development

Southwest Development

West Development