Core Holdings

Core Holdings

Rockefeller Group’s commitment to excellence and innovation has pioneered large-scale urban development and influenced the prestige and experience of New York City past, present and future.

For more than eight decades, Rockefeller Group has successfully managed premier office and retail spaces in New York City. The company’s Core Holdings include the signature office towers, 1221 and 1271 Avenue of the Americas as well as 745 Seventh Avenue.

"I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might." - John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Business Centers

Rockefeller Group Business Centers, Inc., provides fully staffed and furnished premier executive suites and offices. Tenants can rent offices by the day, week, month, or other convenient terms. Accommodations feature the most complete, technologically advanced office environments in locations prominently known and admired.

Business Centers

Development History

50 million square feet

Commitment to Sustainability

Developed the two largest industrial buildings in North America to be certified LEED® Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council.


Since inception, Rockefeller Group has developed premier commercial properties totaling approximately 50 million square feet throughout the United States, and is consistently ranked among the nation’s leading developers of industrial and office property.

Rockefeller Group has created signature addresses for distinctive enterprises and has developed more than 23 million square feet of office space across the United States.

The company has a rich history of almost a century of office developments, from signature corporate towers to stand-alone office condos and business parks with a variety of office configurations. Rockefeller Group has access to raw land on a national basis, is able

to acquire specific properties and develop efficient and architecturally attractive structures, and to deliver both office and residential product on time and within budget.

Clients’ requirements have been met with development solutions that include build-to-suit facilities, retrofits of existing structures, and the creation of entire master-planned parks. Since 2009, Rockefeller Group has developed approximately 5.0 million square feet of industrial projects, including the two largest industrial buildings in North America to be certified LEED(R) Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The company’s has significant experience in U.S. port markets as well as inland distribution markets, and is a leading foreign trade zone (FTZ) services and logistics consultant to many of the world’s premier retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Rockefeller Group’s current industrial development pipeline totals approximately 10 million square feet, and it maintains access to thousands of acres of additional strategic locations throughout the United States through partnerships with several of the country’s largest landowners.

Asset Services

Rockefeller Group is renowned worldwide for its development of premier, high-quality office properties, a legacy that began in 1928 with the development of New York’s Rockefeller Center. Complementing that development capability is our proven track record of efficient and effective property and asset management.

Asset Services

Multinational corporations take full advantage of Rockefeller Group’s 30-year record of leadership in foreign trade zone (FTZ) development and management. The economic advantages of operating in an FTZ can be enormous, especially in the areas of duty savings and cost of inventory. A division with extensive experience in movement of cross-border goods and cost-saving FTZ compliance strategies, Rockefeller Group’s Foreign Trade Zone Services advises client companies in the design and implementation of supply-chain strategies to maximize foreign trade zone benefits on a national basis.

FTZ Services helps companies establish solid trade processes to minimize costs and avoid delays associated with importing and exporting, and can position your company to take advantage of evolving trade opportunities. We emphasize improved inventory control and trade process that can be easily integrated into your business and practiced consistently over time. We examine your practical business constraints and find creative ways to tailor our solutions to your operations.

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Design and Construction

One of Rockefeller Group’s specialties is build-to-suit design and construction. A build-to-suit project’s success depends upon coordinating the completion of a series of interrelated activities in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner. Rockefeller Group’s expertise lies in assembling a team of professionals to address the design, environmental, economic, and physical issues inherent in a development project, a complex process that Rockefeller Group has successfully managed for more than 80 years.

Services Include
Concept & Schematic Design
Approvals & Infrastructure
Design Development
Contract Documentation
Contractor Selection
Construction Supervision
Project Closeout

Rockefeller Group Investment Management (RGIM) manages the Rockefeller Group U.S. Premier Office Fund LP for Rockefeller Group. RGIM also coordinates the company’s international investments.

Europa Capital is an established real estate fund management group operating across Europe adding value through risk-based acquisition strategies and active asset management on behalf of its investors.

Since 1995, Europa Capital has collectively raised nine real estate funds and committed to over 130 transactions totaling more than €11 billion across 19 European countries.

The Europa Funds benefit from Europa Capital’s established network of partners across Europe who co-invest in acquisitions made by the Europa Funds. These country and joint venture partner relationships in some cases extend back more than 20 years.

Europa Capital is a member of Rockefeller Group International, Inc. (“RGI”), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd. RGI is a strategic investor alongside Management. Europa Capital Partners LLP and Europa Capital LLP are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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TA Realty has developed real estate expertise acting as a fiduciary for over thirty years in the marketplace. During this time, their strategy of controlled growth has allowed them to build an organization of seasoned real estate professionals who are committed to acquiring, managing and disposing of quality institutional real estate throughout the United States.

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In accordance with Japan’s “Financial Instruments and Exchange Act”, TA Realty makes its Form 20-2 and Form 21-3 available for inspection by the public at the following location:

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
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