About Us

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Real estate has the power to improve lives.

It has the potential to generate strong financial returns, create broad economic value and to positively contribute to cities, communities and local economies. As a company that traces its roots to Rockefeller Center — a singular and visionary development that helped shape New York City and has inspired generations around the world — we appreciate the promise and influence of real estate.

Rockefeller Group embraces a mission and vision devoted to the importance of quality in the built environment, while prioritizing the human experience. Our properties inspire people to do their best work, provide homes where people can lead their most fulfilling lives, and help establish the infrastructure that’s driving the new economy.

Our Mission

“To Develop, Own and Operate Extraordinary Properties, Delivering Exceptional Experiences and Financial Performance while Creating Value for our Partners, Customers and Communities”

Our Vision

“To Enhance Human Well-Being through our Passion for Real Estate and the Built Environment”

“Wherever you go, people know the Rockefeller Group name. It is a name that stands for trust and integrity and our employees are proud of that legacy and proud to work here.”

– Patricia Glorioso, Vice President, Corporate Human Resources