Flushing Commons, a partnership of Rockefeller Group, F & T Group, and AECOM Capital, is a 1.8 million square feet multi-phased mixed-use urban development located on a five-acre site in Downtown Flushing, Queens, New York City.

The Flushing Commons development includes:

  • A 1.5-acre town square of open space
  • Parking for 1,600 cars
  • A 62,000-square-foot YMCA featuring amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball courts, and an exercise room
  • Approximately 600 residential units
  • 420,000 square feet of office and retail space, including local and national retailers and restaurants
  • 15,000 square feet of community facility space

The project will incorporate low-impact development techniques and green building technologies. We are committed to establishing job training programs to encourage hiring from the local community during construction and in permanent positions afterward.

Rockefeller Group is proud that Flushing Commons was selected as a result of a Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, based on recommendations made by the Development Framework for Downtown Flushing.

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