#SpottedOnSixth – Renowned Contemporary Artists Gillie and Marc Launch Global Tour at 1221 Avenue of the Americas

Photo of Paparazzi Dogman and Paparazzi Rabbitgirl

Paparazzi Dogman and Paparazzi Rabbitgirl in front of 1221 Avenue of the Americas. Photo Credit: The Berman Group

Patronage of the arts has always been part of the very fabric of Rockefeller Group, and an important corporate value. The Art Deco style of the original Rockefeller Center complex, which the firm built largely throughout the 1930s, was a bold and timeless step in building design. Fast-forward to today’s Rockefeller Center, which has expanded to tall towers on the west side of Sixth Avenue including 1221 and 1271 Avenue of the Americas.  As part of the recent renovation of 1221, the company commissioned two large works of art from Los Angeles-based abstract artist Mark Bradford. And up the street, at 1271 Avenue of the Americas, famous works of art by Josef Albers and Fritz Glarner are being restored. But for a limited time, one of the Center’s most exciting — albeit temporary — installations, is displayed in the open air outside on Sixth Avenue.

Global Tour Launched by Prominent Artists

World-famous contemporary artists Gillie and Marc have installed their incredible, awe-inspiring, seven-foot-tall hybrid characters named Paparazzi Dogman and Paparazzi Rabbitgirl in front of 1221 Avenue of the Americas to promote diversity, love, and acceptance. The Dogman sculpture features a suited, bronze character with a man’s body and a dog’s head. Similarly, the bronze-sculpted Rabbitgirl character features a woman’s body with a rabbit’s head, wearing a dress and heels. Both sculptures are seated cross-legged on the ground, wielding a pair of cameras and neutral expressions. A dog and a rabbit are unlikely companions, and together they symbolize unity and acceptance. The works of art will remain at their Sixth Avenue home until September 2017.

Adding to Rockefeller Group’s Legacy

As the owner of 1221 Avenue of the Americas, Rockefeller Group couldn’t be more pleased about the opportunity to host the sculptures for the Avenue and New York City. “We are honored that Gillie and Marc chose to install these impressive and striking sculptures on the Avenue,” remarks Rockefeller Group Senior Vice President Bill Edwards. “These sculptures will not be missed, and their message will resonate for anyone who has the opportunity to see them. The sculptures are an excellent fit for the Avenue, which was created to honor the business and cultural ties between all the countries and cultures throughout North and South America. We are proud to host these creative, large-scale works of art that send an even larger message about equality and inclusiveness.”

Significance on Sixth Avenue

The installation of these bronze sculptures is the first step in a massive global campaign by Gillie and Marc that aims to promote love and peace across the globe and is being hosted as part of the Avenue of the Americas Association’s “Love the Avenue” campaign, which has demonstrated the enhancement of Sixth Avenue and Midtown over the past several years. Since its launch in 2014, the campaign has showcased the Avenue as a powerful business district through advertising, special events, and other dynamic marketing initiatives. The campaign continues to communicate that the Avenue has something for everyone and is redefining the phrase, “love where you work.” With increased leasing velocity, new, diverse tenants making their home on Sixth Avenue, unique summer programming and ongoing innovations such as the arrival of this creative art installation, the area continues to excite visitors and be an ideal place for businesses to thrive. On New York’s Avenue of the Americas, where giant skyscrapers tower above pedestrians, Rockefeller Group is one developer that hasn’t lost sight of the essence of art and its importance in today’s society – especially at street level, where it is available for all to enjoy.

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