The Plan: The Lobby at 1221 Avenue of the Americas

Many a time you hear that a building got a brand spanking new lobby and that’s what brought X, Y and Z tenant to the property.

This is hyperbole in plenty of instances, but it’s surely true for Rockefeller Group, which recently completed its entrance at the 44-year-old 1221 Avenue of the Americas between West 48th and West 49th Streets. The landlord started out in the middle of 2014 with renovating the lobby, which cost upward of $30 million, and finished earlier this year. It’s also the first time since the late-1990s that the landlord has overhauled the lobby, according to Edward Guiltinan, the head of leasing for Rockefeller Group, in the first of two phases to spruce up the 2.5-million-square-foot structure.

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