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1221 Avenue of the Americas, Midtown Manhattan

The 2.5 million-square-foot McGraw-Hill Building soars 670 feet in Rockefeller Center at the western boundary adjoining the Times Square district. The 50-story building was a monument to quality when it first opened in 1972, and it has been maintained meticulously ever since. In the most recent years it has undergone extensive renovation, modernization, and enhancement.

The building is the largest one in New York to achieve LEED-EB Certification, the designation by the US Green Building Council for existing buildings. (News release)

In June 2013, Cushman & Wakefield was named leasing agent to market a 537,000-sq.-ft. contiguous block of space set to become available in the fourth quarter of 2013. (News release)

In October 2013, the global legal services firm Mayer Brown LLP leased 187,500 sq. ft., bringing the 2013 new leasing activity total in the building to 282,648 sq. ft. (News release)

This was followed by a 440,000 square foot lease to the global law firm White & Case, which plans to relocate to the building in 2017.  (News release)

The McGraw-Hill Building is one of three adjacent towers Rockefeller Group Development Corporation completed in the early 1970s in a major expansion of Rockefeller Center. Combined with the adjoining Time & Life Building, opened a decade earlier, and with 745 Seventh Avenue, opened in 2001, the newer towers more than doubled Rockefeller Center’s total rentable floor space.

Following a quarter century of full occupancy and successful operation, the McGraw-Hill Building’s extensive renovation was prompted by a fortunate confluence of rising tenant needs, advancing technology, and normal equipment life cycles.

Today the McGraw-Hill Building embodies the freshest examples of the ideas that first drew the world’s admiration to Rockefeller Center in the 1930s – numerous artworks and welcoming public plazas; bold, confident design; the most sophisticated operations and amenities; the highest standards for business environments.

The McGraw-Hill Companies, the anchor tenant and equity partner when The Rockefeller Group developed the building, has renewed its tenancy and partnership far into the 21st century. A stunning new lobby and entrance are the most outward among many signs affirming the McGraw-Hill Building’s sustained leadership in the future.

Building Specifications

To download a printable PDF with building specifications, click here.

Building Areas:

Site: 103,000 square feet
Building: 2.5 million square feet
Number of Floors: 50

Average Floor Sizes:

Base Floors 2-7: 75,440 square feet
Tower Floors 8-50: 47,245 square feet


Induction System-perimeter zones
Variable Air Volume-interior zones

Vertical Transportation:

32 NY Elevator Swift Futura passenger elevators with closed-loop door operators
3 Double-Height Freight Elevators
19 Escalators
3 Retail Service Elevators
3 Shuttle Elevators
2 Pneumatic Truck Lifts


Steel framed with cellular steel flooring and composite concrete deck

For leasing inquiries call Rockefeller Group Development Corp. at 212-282-2018.

Floor Loading:

Minimum 50 lbs. live load and up to 200 lbs. per square foot in special areas

Typical tower floor-to-floor height:

13 feet, 6 inches

For leasing inquiries call Rockefeller Group Development Corp. at 212-282-2018.